School Improvement Plan

What is a School Improvement Plan?

A School Improvement Plan (SIP) is a road map that sets out the changes a school needs to make to improve the level of student achievement, and shows how and when these changes will be made. SIPs are selective: they help principals, teachers, and school councils answer the questions “What will we focus on now?” and “What will we leave until later?” They encourage staff and parents to monitor student achievement levels and other factors, such as the school environment, that are known to influence student success. With up-to-date and reliable information about how well students are performing, schools are better able to respond to the needs of students, teachers, and parents.

A SIP is also a mechanism through which the public can hold schools accountable for student success and through which it can measure improvement. One of the first steps—a crucial one—in developing an improvement plan involves teachers, school councils, parents, and other community members working together to gather and analyze information about the school and its students, so that they can determine what needs to be improved in their school. As the plan is implemented, schools continue to gather this kind of data. By comparing the new data to the initial information on which the plan was based, they— and the public—can measure the success of their improvement strategies.

Oak Hill Elementary's School Improvement Plan is developed each year with input from the parents on our School Advisory Committee (SAC). If you would like to participate in the development of our School Improvement Plan, please join us at our SAC meetings on the second Monday of every month from 5:30-7:30 pm.

OHES School Improvement Plan 2022-2023.pdf